Lovely: A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

Sorry for such a delay in between posts, it’s been a busy few weeks for me. I do have some great books to tell you about though and I’m excited to tell you about this one.

A Year of Marvellous Ways was in a word, lovely. I must admit, I love reading stories like this one where there is a little bit of magic woven through the tale and the characters and the adventures they encounter and I was definitely delighted by this one. I had this book on my wish list and I was excited to read it because I loved author Sarah Winman’s book When God Was a Rabbit. A Year of Marvellous Ways definitely delivered.

Marvellous Ways is a ninety year old woman who lives in the village of St. Ophere. She lives alone and when you meet her, she feels like she is waiting for someone.

And then, just as her lids closed, a dream lined up to take flight across her sleep, a dream that would deposit two images, at last, to the door of her mind: the image of a linnet, tentative and free, flying across the Thames with a chest full of song. The image of a young man looking towards a horizon that promised nothing. (Winman, 27)

Francis Drake is a young man who returns to England a couple years after the end of World War II on a mission of sorts and he is not doing well – heartbroken and more as you come to learn about. And as fate might have it, he is who Marvellous is waiting for. As the story moves forward, you learn about both their stories and what happened to them that brought them to the place that they’re in. What brings Drake to Marvellous, where he’s come from and her own magical story.

Winman has written a beautiful story of love and loss and faith and friendship. I found myself smiling at moments just because the language Winman used brought the story to life for me. It’s poetic and magical and just so essentially lovely. I could say many more things about it but I don’t want to spoil the story or gush too much. If you’re open to some magic and looking for a beautifully written story, A Year of Marvellous Ways will certainly deliver.

Happy Reading!


(Book 2)



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