I made a new friend…

And his name is Jack Reacher.

I’m a big fan of suspense and crime thrillers and legal thrillers and other books that might fall within that realm but what I really love about so many of the authors that write in these genres is that they build their series on some really cool characters. And some of those characters, I’ve been reading for years and years – it’s almost like I know them even though they are fictional. I’ll introduce you to them as new books are published.

I missed a series along the way by author Lee Child for no good reason except I didn’t pick it up at the start. The same night the seed of this blog popped in my head, I was having dinner with some friends at their new house and we were talking about books. My friend R asked if I had read Lee Child and I said I hadn’t because I wanted to start at the beginning and those titles are harder to find. He went downstairs and came back with the first three:

  • Killing Floor
  • Die Trying
  • Tripwire

Jack Reacher is an ex-military policeman who is drifting after leaving the service. He’s in a different location in all three books but always the same tough guy. And after a few pages of Killing Floor, I was hooked and all productivity was zapped. He finds himself in sticky situations and his training, his gut, his instincts and his super strength always seem to get him and those around him out of some tough jams. He cuts it too close sometimes and the stakes are always high which left me wanting to find out just what was going to happen next.

“Gives meaning to what a page-turner should be.” Michael Connelly on Tripwire

I won’t give away too much as you can read the story bios online but I think of the series a little bit like this – if I ever found myself in a scary place with dodgy characters, I would like Jack Reacher to be there. Outside of that, if you’re looking for something kind of intense but not too serious (like a great action movie), Lee Child is among the best I’ve read and it’s worth getting to know Reacher.

I can back this up even further because since I wrote this post last spring when I had the idea for this blog, I read six more – Running Blind, Echo Burning, Without Fail, Persuader, One Shot. They’re just as good and I can’t wait for R to lend me some more!

Reacher 2

Thanks for the intro R!


UPDATE:  Since writing this, I have read the entire series (what has been published as there is a new book coming out later this year) and I stick to my original assessment, it’s so worth reading!  Here are all the books in the series in their publication order:

The Jack Reacher Series-4

What I have also enjoyed about this series is that some of the titles go back to periods when Jack Reacher is still in the military.  I think it keeps the series fresh and gives more back story to the character.  The roller coaster keeps on going with a new title being published later this year!  I hope that if you choose to jump onto this series, that you enjoy!



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