The definition of captivate from the Oxford Dictionary:

Attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm

My life-long affair with books and reading started when I was a very small child and it remains an ongoing flirtation – it’s not a stretch to say that reading has always captivated me. I can remember being tucked into my bed at a very young age, waiting for my parents to go back downstairs and then stealthily turning the light back on so I could read. I still find myself reading at times when I should be sleeping and the truth is, I think there is some beauty in being alone with a great book in the middle of the night. I actually think there is always some beauty in reading. The very definition of the word captivate captures how I feel about reading and thus, it became the name for my blog.

I read often and I read a ton of different books. Friends and family ask me all the time for recommendations but I can’t always think of what to recommend in the moment because there is always a long list of titles in my head. I started an Instagram book club with my friends as a way to share the books I really enjoyed and to discover what they’re reading. One of my dear friends remarked that she didn’t know if she should read the books I post because I don’t share enough details. So, here I am embarking on a new adventure of sorts as a way of sharing a bit more about the books I read, my thoughts on reading and why I love it so much.

I’m not critical about books and I won’t recommend them if I don’t like them as reading is a subjective activity. That’s also to say that I can’t guarantee you’ll like something just because I did. I’m only making recommendations, up to you if you’re interested and as I read a wide variety of genres and authors, I hope you might find something you like. Essentially, my vision is that this blog will become a collection of the books I’m loving, the books I’ve loved, the ones I read over and over again and other reading related musings.

Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and enjoy. I take recommendations too!





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