The Huntress by Kate Quinn

The Huntress had me hooked from the first few pages and didn’t let go until I finished it!  So hooked in fact that I took it on a plane with me.  As I’ve written before, I pretty much exclusively read off my iPad when I’m traveling for work but I couldn’t imagine taking time away from it. I started the week on a business trip to Chicago for some important meetings and then flew to Hilton Head for a little vacation – how could I go an entire week and leave the book behind?

The Huntress has all the elements of great historical fiction!  It takes place after the second world war but flashes back throughout it and it is excitement, anticipation, fear throughout it.  The story is told from a few different viewpoints. Ian Graham was a journalist during the war and in the aftermath of it, he become a Nazi-Hunter and is on a mission to track down the Nazis who scattered and haven’t been held accountable. Nina Markova, a Russian fighter pilot and famed Night Witch is on a hunt of her own after the war.  They are both looking for a woman called The Huntress, a Nazi murderer and this hunt is personal for them for their own reasons.

Then there is Jordan McBride, a young woman in Boston on the cusp of her adult lift with a dream to become a photographer.  She is pleased that her father, widowed some time ago, has met a lovely woman with a young daughter so she can move to the next phase of her life.  But not everything is as it seems and Jordan begins to dig into the woman her father introduced into her life.

It’s a fascinating story that weaves between the three leads and slowly reveals the pieces that bring it all together.  There are mysteries throughout it and I loved how it clicked into place as I read it.  I also loved learning about the Night Witches, the only all female night bomber regiment out of Russia.  I admit, I don’t read a lot of historical non-fiction but I was surprised I hadn’t ever heard of them.  I love kick-ass women, real or fictional, and Nina Markova was no different.  Plus the flashbacks to the night raids added an extra element of danger and excitement into the story!

Fans of historical fiction or just a great, thrilling read should check out The Huntress if you haven’t already.  I told a bunch of people after I read it in the spring and I as I flipped through the first few pages ahead of writing this post, I realized, I think a reread is in order!


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