Cemetery Road by Greg Iles

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you might have read my post on the Penn Cage series – it was back in May 2017 so here’s a link in case you’re interested.  It’s one of my all time favourite book series in that genre and why I was so excited to see that Greg Iles had a new book coming out this past March.  So excited in fact that I bought Cemetery Road the day after it was published in the Atlanta airport on a layover.  I rarely buy books at the airport because I usually plan ahead and have something to read on a flight, but I was heading to Hilton Head from business in Chicago and I saw it and had to buy it as soon as I could.

I dove into it on the short flight from Atlanta to Savannah, spent some quality time with my parents and then cozied up with a towel by the pool to keep reading.  I might have been a less than stellar guest because I got hooked a few pages in!  I was missing Penn Cage and Natchez but Cemetery Road filled that void for me – for the couple days it took me to fly through all 587 pages.

Cemetery Road is the tale of Marshall McEwan, a successful journalist in Washington DC who goes home to Bienville Mississippi when he learns his father is very ill and their family newspaper is failing.  He’s a journalist but his spirit and tenacity in his quest for the truth reminded me of Penn Cage as Marshall McEwan begins to dig when two people die and it seems there is more to their deaths.  That digging is dangerous and the story took me on a suspenseful rollercoaster.  I could not put it down and I love a book that makes me feel like I need to keep reading!  An absolute entertaining and thrilling page-turner.

I will still tell anyone to read the Penn Cage series if they are looking for a thrilling series but Cemetery Road is a great introduction to Greg Iles if you haven’t read any of his novels before.  He is a master at what he does and outside of the Penn Cage series, all of his books are so interesting with great casts of characters.  He tells unique, suspenseful stories and Cemetery Road is no different.  I was more than happy to leave the book behind for my parents to read and told the peeps in my life who love a thrilling read to pick it up.  I’ll probably do a reread in the near future too!  It would make for a great gift and if you like it, why not look for The Quiet Game as your next read!

This was book four of my 12 days of favourite books although my favourites are not being presented in any order except for day 12!  I’m hoping that some of my recos are helping you add to your TBR list or answering some gift needs!

Enjoy the season!


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