Discovering Karin Slaughter

Day 2’s book is officially The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter but it’s really about much more than that. Try Karin’s Slaughters entire collection of novels!  I travelled a ton for work this year and I often read on planes but I don’t want to carry heavy books in addition to my suitcase and my computer bag so I started out reading more on my Kobo and transitioned to an iPad part way through the year.  But you know I love physical books so I try to download thrillers, beach reads, good plane reads and I discovered The Good Daughter when it was on sale.  The plot looked really fascinating and I thought, why not!?!

It absolutely delivered a thrilling and intense ride of a book that starts out with a home invasion and then moves to the future where we meet one of the daughters. I don’t want to say much more about it specifically because it’s so worth reading if you like the genre or want a rollercoaster of a book to read.  Why I’m including it is because it introduced me to Karin Slaughter and I went on to read I think every novel she has published thus far.  I might not have discovered some of the shorter digital reads or the novellas she has written with other authors (I know they are there, I just haven’t downloaded them yet).  I was hooked – think binge watching as there were many days I just couldn’t help myself and clicked download on iBooks to read the next book in either series.

Karin Slaughter has a handful of standalone novels and two series that are somewhat intertwined.  Here is a bit of info about all of them as I read them all!

The first series is the Grant County series and they are a collection of books that take place in a small town in Georgia and feature Sara Linton who is a pediatrician and coroner, her ex-husband Jeffrey who is the Chief of Police and a police officer named Lena Adams.  Many other characters are featured throughout the 6 novels and they are truly awesome. Who knew so many bad things could happen in a small town?  Together they weave back in time too to tell Sara and Jeffrey’s story and you see how Lena is intertwined.

Slaughter followed the Grant County series with The Will Trent series.  Will Trent is a GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Special Agent in Atlanta and he is truly one of a kind.  I believe that and many characters even remarked on that throughout the books.  They feature a wonderful cast of characters and Sara Linton eventually joins the stories. I loved this series so much I think because I love Will Trent and Sara Linton and even Will’s tough as nails boss, Amanda.  I legit cared about these characters when they were facing danger or tough situations. They encounter some incredibly relevant crimes and criminals and what I mean by that is that the novels were timely – the most recent novel, The Last Widow, published earlier this year, featured criminals who were white supremacists with a horrible plan. While I didn’t read the others as they were published, the themes Slaughter writes about ring very true with the things happening in the world and in many cases, happening to women.  And they are often female centric which was fun in a collection of great thrillers.

Her standalone novels feature similar themes but different stories.  The novels I read include:

  • Pieces of Her
  • The Good Daughter
  • Pretty Girls
  • Cop Town

They were all great reads for different reasons!  Pieces of Her was fascinating – imagine discovering your mom isn’t who you thought she is.  The Good Daughter was intriguing and as I said above, a rollercoaster of a read. Pretty Girls was also a great thriller and actually, really scary when you thought about it.  And Cop Town is about some of the first female cops in Atlanta in the ‘70’s and what they faced and what they did. Slight spoiler – some of the characters reappear in different ways in the Will Trent series, which was utterly delightful.

You can find out more about all of her books and Karin Slaughter herself (her real name) by visiting her website at

Any of these books would make great gifts or great books for you if you’re heading on a holiday trip somewhere or planning to get cozy by the fire with a glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa.  Just be prepared to get hooked – I lost sleep reading through some of these because I couldn’t put them down and then I couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series!  I’m actually a bit sad I have to wait for her to publish more but also really excited because three of her novels might be coming to a screen near you sometime soon! The Good Daughter, Cop Town and Pieces of Her all moved into development or had their rights acquired with some exciting names attached.*  I can’t wait!



P.S. I read the Will Trent series first by accident, which gave me some insight into the Grant County series.  The Will Trent series is my favourite but I’d encourage anyone to start with Grant County books and then move on to meet Will!

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