Guest Blogger: All About Sandra Boynton

I was looking for a baby gift and while looking through the board books section at Indigo recently, I came across an author I had completely forgotten about. Sandra Boynton is an American humorist, song writer and author/illustrator. When I was teaching, I used some of her stories with my reluctant grade one readers, and they really appreciated the fun, crazy animals in her books. With titles like ‘Moo, Baa, La La La!’, ‘Happy Hippo Angry Duck’ and ‘Dinosaur Dance’, you can tell her books are anything but serious.

It occurred to me that these books would be great gifts for the older sibling of a new baby as the stories have easily read, predictable print and great silly illustrations to help the reader along, so the older sibling could actually read (or tell from the pictures) the books to the new baby. This could help the older sibling feel an important connection to the new precious addition (interloper, rival), while giving Mom/Dad a few minutes break and improving their own reading skills.

There is no teaching or moralizing in Boynton’s books, just silliness, nonsense and a whole lot of fun!  And she’s been writing since the seventies so there are lots of her books available if your child loves them!

Mrs. O

Sandra Boynton 3


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