The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I have a bad habit sometimes of buying a bunch of books at one time and kind of forgetting to read some of them. Usually because I pick up a book I really want to read before working my way through the pile. The Couple Next Door was one such book and I was excited to find it in a pile on my bookshelf before heading up north in the summer. And I was elated to find that it kept me riveted while reading it on the dock and then late into the night as I had to know what happened. The book was definitely a page-turner.

The story is focused on Anna and Marco Conti, a married couple who have a baby named Cora and a seemingly wonderful life. It starts from Anna’s perspective as she and Marco are attending a dinner party at their next door neighbors. Things take a turn quite quickly as a terrible crime is committed during the party and the story takes flight from there. It unfolds from both Anna and Marco’s perspectives as they face scrutiny from the lead detective investigating the crime, Detective Rasbach. He suspects they have something to hide and as the story runs along, the secrets they are each keeping start to be revealed. Their secrets illuminate the cracks in their marriage, the seemingly perfect life they have and provide clues into the crime itself.

I won’t reveal the crime itself but I admit, after reading the author’s synopsis, I wasn’t thinking it was going to be what actually happened. But it made for a great story as it created a great foundation for Marco and Anna’s relationship to come apart as the secrets they’ve kept from each other must be told for the crime to be solved. And all those secrets lead to twists that kept me reading! The Couple Next Door is definitely worth a read and perfect to curl up with on chilly fall day! It may make you suspicious of the people around you though!

Added bonus to me, Shari Lapena is from Toronto and she has a new book out that I’m dying to read!


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