A slight change in direction…

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a little while since I last posted and in that time I’ve done a lot reading and a lot of thinking about my blog. I knew I wanted to continue it and I had some ideas but I was really sure where I wanted to go. Then I had some inspiration.

I was recently in Paris and while on a champagne boat cruise along the Seine on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I saw a girl sitting on the river wall reading a book. She had taken off her sneakers and sat in the sun engrossed in whatever it was she was reading. And in that moment, something became really clear for me. I happened to be traveling with my favourite blogger so I told her what I was thinking, excited about where I could take it.

I realized that Captivated shouldn’t just be about how much I love books but should really be more about my life long affair with reading. It’s mostly books but it’s magazines, newspapers, articles I find online or through social media, e-newsletters…the reality is, there is so much out there to read and so I decided right there on that boat that I would do a little bit of a pivot on the blog.

I will still post about the books that I really like and Mrs. O will still write posts about children’s lit but there will be some more:

  • I had someone volunteer to write about Young Adult Fiction. I admittedly don’t read too much of it but there are some great YA books out there that I would love to share about. You’ll get to meet Ms. N soon!
  • I’m going to do some “reading round-ups” to share about books that I read that maybe weren’t my favourite but might be yours and other books that might not warrant a full post on their own for whatever reason
  • From time to time, I’ll introduce some new voices – people who have read a book I’m blogging about to give you some more perspectives
  • And then sometimes I’ll highlight some interesting articles or just fun things about reading. The lifestyle of a reader…more to come!
  • I secured a domain name for my blog – you can still find it at this address but you can also search for it at captivatedbyreading.ca
  • And I’m launching a new Instagram account just for my blog where I’ll pst about new posts but also fun things about reading and readers. I figured it was time! You can follow it @acaptivatedreader

I hope you like where I’m taking the blog and I would love to hear your thoughts as new content rolls out. My intent is really the same – share the things I love reading with my friends and more!

And thanks for reading Captivated!



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