Love Her Wild by Atticus

I re-discovered my love of poetry in the spring when I read rupi kaur’s milk and honey and with Love Her Wild by Atticus, my love affair continues. I first saw Atticus’ poems on Pinterest of all things, then discovered his instagram @atticuspoetry (follow him if you love poetry, you won’t be disappointed) and it was there that I discovered a book was soon to be published, Love Her Wild.

I’ve now read it through twice, once at home and once while sitting in the shade of an umbrella on the dock on a very sunny day and I loved it just as much on the second read through. It is so magical to me that a poem made of four sentences or few words can stir an emotional response and create a connection. I found myself smiling throughout the book – because I want to be seen the way he sees people and life or because the words meant something to me. That he described a feeling so well when words can often fail to. I wanted to take an adventure, jump into something new with both feet and just be a better me after reading it. That’s something powerful.

The collection is broken into three sections:

Love where all the poems are centred around love – falling in love, being in love, losing it and so much more

Her where all the poems are about women – so beautifully about women

Wild which is a collection of poetry about many things – life, death, art, writing, poetry and so much more

One of my favourites is the following (it reminded me of so many lovely things):

Love her wild sparkle

(Atticus, page 10)

Atticus himself seems to a bit of a mystery – he’s been doing masked readings. It’s fascinating – it seems as though he wants his poetry to stand alone which makes it that much more magical. I do hope he comes to do a reading in Toronto!

If you enjoy poetry or are looking for something that has a little bit of magic or you love beautiful things, this collection is definitely worth a read.

Please enjoy!



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