The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

I was really excited to see this book pop up on list of buzzy new thrillers for summer from Chatelaine magazine:

I read Miranda’s last novel, All the Missing Girls when I was on vacation earlier this year and really enjoyed it. In fact, it’s one of my favourite of all the Gone Girl type books I’ve read (I even liked it more than Gone Girl). If you haven’t read All the Missing Girls and you like the genre, go pick it up, it will make for a great summer read too!

I digress, I bought The Perfect Stranger shortly after it came out and the timing was great as I was headed up to the cottage for the long weekend. Thanks to a very swollen lake, our docks did not go in but I think it will make a great dock read this summer if you’re making a list. Imagine this, you move to a small town you’ve never been to before with a friend of yours. You’re in a brand new job trying to escape from your past and suddenly, your friend and roommate goes missing. You start to wonder if you really knew her as the world around you seems to fall apart.

That’s what Leah Stevens is facing in her new town in West Pennsylvania. She is trying to escape from her past but what she has escaped to is a strange and suspenseful mystery.   I stayed up late to find out who was who and what they were all up to and more importantly, what their motives were. Leah makes for a dark and twisty character too (what more could you want) as she delves into her own past while trying to figure out what’s going on in her present and her demons are a bit more than they appear.

It is definitely worth a read if you’re into the ‘suburban noir’ genre (thanks Chatelaine for that info). I will say, I liked All The Missing Girls a bit better – I loved that it went backwards chronologically to tell the story – but The Perfect Stranger definitely delivers an intense and thrilling page-turner! I’m glad Miranda decided to write in this genre and after these two great reads, I might just look out for her YA novels.

Yay for summer reading!



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