Guest Blogger | Children’s Lit: All About Robert Munsch

As it’s a new year and one of my resolutions is to read more to get more people to read, I’ve been trying to think of some new content ideas for my blog. If you’ve been following from the start, I’m a book lover and I blog about books that I’ve enjoyed reading. If it helps someone find a book that they enjoy, great! So lots more content to come in 2017!

There are lots of little people in my life thanks to my wonderful family and friends and I wanted to highlight some of the best children’s books out there. I’m certainly not an expert but my mom, Mrs. O, taught elementary school and I couldn’t think of a better guest blogger to profile some great children’s literature. Below is her very first post for Captivated and you’ll soon find more!


During the 30 something years I taught primary children, Robert Munsch was one author I could always count on for read aloud material. His hilarious, entertaining stories about children and their families were great launch pads for new ideas, to help solve school-yard conflicts and great stories to encourage kids to enjoy reading and writing.

Because he often teamed up with illustrator Michael Martchenko, his books were easily recognized by the cover illustrations. All I had to do was hold up one of his books to instantly collect a quiet, attentive group waiting with excited anticipation. Story lines with outrageous problems that were inevitably solved by a clever child never failed to elicit a positive response (sometimes even applause!).

I can’t even begin to chose a favourite, though I will confess that I always give Love You Forever (touching parent and child tale) and Mortimer (excellent repetitive chant for audience participation) as part of new baby gifts. I even brought home Lighthouse to help ease the pain when my teenage daughter lost her beloved grandfather.

Regrettably I left my personal collection behind when I retired from teaching, but Robert Munsch books are so readily available (even some small enough for your purse or pocket for waiting room times or TTC trips) that I have started to collect them again. (grandchildren???)

So if you are a parent, grandparent or anyone who enjoys reading with children, Robert Munsch is an author you should try.

Mrs. O


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