Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K Rowling


I’m a bit behind with this one because I was a bit behind reading it and I know my friends who love Harry Potter as much as I do have already read it but I couldn’t resist writing about it.

The 8th book came out on July 31st, a Sunday, and I was up at the cottage starting a weeklong vacation. My cousin and I were sitting at the table on the “porch” after breakfast debating about whether the bookstore in town would have it. She called them and the person who answered told her they weren’t carrying it, did she know that “it’s a play?” to which she replied “yes.” I was baffled. It’s indeed a play but it’s also the 8th HARRY POTTER story (huge sales miss on their part). She downloaded it on her e-reader and sat among us on the dock reading – we chatted, got up and down and she just kept reading until it was done. She said it was worth it.

I’m a die-hard physical book fan – so of course I didn’t bring my e-reader with me. She offered to loan me hers but I wanted to read it for real. So on Tuesday, I went to the bookstore in the next town over and they were sold out (despite their website saying they were closed on Sunday, they seemed to sell out that day – holiday Monday). So I decided that I was meant to wait a bit for it and kept reading the vacation haul of books I brought with me.

I finally got my hands on it and it was worth every minute I had to wait! It was worth it and even more so given that it will very likely be the very last Harry Potter story that Rowling writes. And I say that only because I hope she decides she has another story in her!

For those that don’t much about it, it’s from a play that launched on stage in London on July 30th and it takes place 19 years after the last book was set. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione are adults with children going to Hogwarts! As a theatre fan, I am crossing my fingers that Mirvish makes it happen in Toronto as soon as possible because I would love to see Harry Potter on stage. It was a play so a very different read from the first seven books. And I don’t mind reading a play but was a bit sad at how quickly the book went by. I could picture almost every scene, both because much of the story took place in places introduced in the earlier books but I could also imagine it coming to life on stage. Regardless, I was so happy to be back in the world of Harry Potter. The story centers on his son, Albus, but many familiar characters return throughout the time twisting story.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story in case you haven’t read it yet. And if you are a fan of Harry Potter, you should definitely read it. But if you’ve never read any of the Harry Potter series, they are worth considering because Rowling created a beautiful and magical world full of great adventures, amazing characters and ultimately, so much magic. It’s unlike anything else I’ve read. In fact, if you haven’t read it, it’s worth a binge-read. I learned through my journey to get this book that my cousin C actually re-reads the series at Christmas and I was kind of envious as I’ve read it through only twice. Another complete read through, or binge read of the Harry Potter series, is on my list for the late fall.


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