Still Mine by Amy Stuart

After finishing The Girls, I had intended to read something on the lighter side – meaning, not creepy, no danger, some light – but my vacation was winding down and I really wanted to read Still Mine.

I downloaded Indigo’s new app, Reco, which I understand is a social media platform for book lovers to make recommendations. For what I think you might see as obvious reasons, I jumped on it and signed up right away (and thanks M for suggesting it). Amy Stuart followed me and liked my first Reco which made me want to read her book.

It’s another creepy one but in a different way, the way Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train are. I wasn’t into it at first but after reading through a few chapters, I got hooked and I read most of it on a Sunday afternoon on the dock at the cottage. I couldn’t head back to Toronto until I finished it.

Clare is a woman on the run from her past and she finds herself in the tiny town of Blackmore. She is looking for a missing woman named Shayna and the locals are immediately suspicious of the mysterious outsider. Blackmore was a mining town before a tragic explosion and the impacts are still being felt throughout the town five years later.

Clare seems to be on a mission and why she’s on that mission becomes clearer as you read through the story. She isn’t sure if Shayna is dead, missing or maybe in a position like the one Clare herself is in, running. As I read along, I had a sudden moment where I realized there were at minimum three potential suspects. Clare is hearing different stories about different characters and then experiencing something different about those characters when she meets them. And all of it is coloured by the things that she is running from. All this and she finds herself in danger.

I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t give you any more details about the shady characters or the good ones. You’ll have to read it yourself to understand why Clare is on the mission, to find out what happens to Clare and ultimately, to find out what happened to Shayna. It’s worth it if you like twisty stories as it’s another good one.

And follow me on reco! My handle is @katieoh. I want to know what you’re reading too!



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