The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Friends often ask me where I find out about the books I read. I’m a big fan of Indigo and I like to peruse and pick up books that look interesting. I also check out best selling lists and Heather’s Picks to see what is new or popular. I learn lots from lists that come from Buzzfeed, Bustle, Huffington Post and more…essentially, I’ll check out anything to find something new to read and I found The Good Girl on one of (or maybe a couple of) those lists.

I had been reading in the same genre for a few books in a row and I like to switch it up when I’m reading. It was time for some good suspense and The Good Girl was compared to Gone Girl (which I enjoyed) in a number of reviews. It falls into that collection of books and the story looked interesting so I was in. It’s also Kubica’s first novel and I like finding new authors as I think I’ve told you before.

The Good Girl is about Mia Dennett, a young woman who thinks she is on the path to a one night stand but then is kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin. The story is told at both the time of the abduction and after the abduction. That kind of gives you a sense of where the story is going early on but it’s twisty and the story delivers at the end of the book in a big way. The story is also told from a few different characters’ perspectives. From Mia’s mother Eve, you learn about the family history, who Mia is, her role in a powerful family and how that shaped her. From the lead detective, Gabe Hoffman, you see where the leads take him and start to learn about the kidnapper from the outside. And you get to know the kidnapper as he also tells the story.

Kubica weaves a compelling story that moves from one character to the next and from before to after the abduction. It had me hooked and I often kept reading because a character’s chapter would end and I needed to know how their side of the story progressed. No character had two chapters in a row! I got to a point where I just wanted the before and after to merge so I could understand what happened. So much so that one night I actually dreamed about where the story was going and that is rare for me.

It’s definitely worth a read if you like twisty suspense and books that are hard to put down!


Book 10


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